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In 1991 The Alton Group was retained by the Plaza Fifth Avenue Partners. The Alton Group served as Owner's Representative and Project Manager for that group during the purchase of the Frederick and Nelson Store (formally Lippman-Wolfe Building) and during the subsequent development of the Historic Fifth Avenue Suites Hotel.

The Fifth Avenue Suites Hotel is the Alton Group’s prime example of serving as Owner’s Representative from inception to successful completion.

In 1991 the esteemed (and indefatigable) Harold Moose retained the Alton Group as his Owner’s Representative. For five years we assisted him in the due diligence, negotiations, and purchase of the 1914 Historic Building. We offered several potential uses, completed design options and cost analysis. We supervised the selection of the design team and assisted in the selection of the General Contractor.

In 1995 Mr. Harold Moose and Mr.  Bill Kimpton reached an agreement in which the Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group would complete the design and build-out the facility. During the construction phase the Alton Group served as Owner’s Representative and was also retained as a Consultant to the Kimpton Group.

The $26,000,000.00 Historic Suites Hotel opened in 1997-to immediate success. 



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